Java 8 Date & Time API Cheat Sheet

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For a long time now the excellent Joda-Time library has been the de facto date and time API for Java. Like SLF4J or Guava it is one of those dependencies that I seem to add by default to any new project but since the release of Java 8 users are asked to migrate to the new java.time API. Finally Java has a date and time API it doesn’t need to be ashamed of.

This new API is heavily influenced by the good design decisions of Joda-Time and much of its usage is similar but with years of writing Joda-Time code under my fingers I still find myself checking the new Javadoc from time to time for the subtle differences.

Here is a short list of some common date/time tasks using the new API. Interoperability with the old Date class will often be a requirement for the near future so included are a couple of examples converting from java.util.Date and java.sql.Date to java.time.

You can drop Joda-Time from your Scala apps running on Java 8, too although the conflict with Scala’s reserved word with means backticks are sometimes required.



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