MOTOCAL: Personalised motor racing calendars

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I like just about any kind of motor sport. If it has wheels and an engine then I’m probably interested in watching it drive round in circles for a couple of hours. But there are a few race series I follow closely and try to watch on TV whenever I can: Formula One, MotoGP, Superbike.

Wouldn’t it be good, I thought, if I could subscribe to a single calendar feed that showed all the races I was interested in (and none of the ones I wasn’t).

So I built MOTOCAL.

I’ve put all the hard work into collecting all the qualifying and race times so you don’t have to. Just click on each race series you want in your calendar and it will generate a URL that you can stick into your calendar application (Google, Apple, Outlook) and you will get a synchronised calendar that is automatically kept up to date.

You can currently subscribe to any and all of the following:

It’s pretty easy to add more calendars so leave a comment if you would like to see any other series.

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